About Us

Founder’s Message

A few years ago, I decided to learn more about nutrition and healthy eating. My grandmother was a medicine woman in Mali, West Africa, and she influenced my interest to learn more about how food, herbs, and spices positively affect our health. I discovered that while sugar can be harmful, herbs and spices can be helpful.

I didn’t like the taste of flavoured teas, so I developed my own line. My goal was to create a smooth, healthy, flavourful tea that didn’t taste fake or artificial. Mixing various herbs and sharing my blends with family and friends became an ongoing hobby.

Then I discovered chai latte. I loved the spicy taste, but the drink was too sweet and difficult to digest. And I was not alone. There was already demand for naturally spiced chai without unnecessary sugar, oils, and flavourings. Using my knowledge of spices and herbs, I decided to create my own recipe using whole real spices and no sugar to provide more health benefits.

I create every Vitaliteas blend myself through extensive testing (and tasting!). When it reaches the point where I enjoy and feel good after drinking it, I know the product is ready for others to enjoy, too. Try a cup yourself; I think you will like it as much as I do.

—Fanta Camara, Founder