Fundraising Opportunities

Consumer trends show that people are moving away from traditional (and high-calorie) fundraising items like cookies, cake, and chocolate bars. Canadians drink almost 9 billion cups of tea each year; next to water, it’s the world’s most consumed drink. So instead of selling the same items as many other fundraisers, why not offer something new: one of our many delicious, locally grown teas?

You can purchase Vitaliteas products at wholesale prices and sell them at retail price to raise funds for your nonprofit organization. Our products have a higher price point than many other fundraising items, so you can meet your goals in a fraction of the time and with far fewer sales. They also aren’t widely available, so they are in higher demand.

How It Works

Contact us to ask for our fundraising price list. Then place an order of at least 10 cases and arrange for pick-up from our warehouse. The product can be marked up to sell at whatever price you feel is ideal. You should be able to make at least $2.70 per box, and you can make even more money per sale if you group items together. For example, you can mix and match tea varieties, or you can pair one with our chai mix.

We will also give you a sell sheet that describes the different products and includes an order form. You can distribute this sheet by email or in print to your buyers. We can customize the sales flyer to promote the products you want to sell at the prices you want to sell them. If your customers need more information, they can always visit our website.

Terms of Sale

You will need to pay for your order in advance. We can also establish other payment terms, but you will still need to deposit 50% up front and pay the balance after 30 days. In some rare cases, we may choose to give extended payment options after we approve a credit application.

Because tea is a food item, we don’t accept returns unless there’s damage caused by the shipper.