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The products featured on this website are classified as functional foods. They are intended to increase the enjoyment of consumers.

Any statements and claims regarding any and all products have not been evaluated by Health Canada. VitalyTeas Ltd. have, to the best of their ability, and as thoroughly as possible, researched information using the latest studies and data available globally through legitimate and published researchers.

The Ayurvedic benefits listed in our ingredients are not to be considered absolutes in the treatment of any illness. VitalyTeas Ltd.’s products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or ailment. Should you have concerns about any symptoms, please see a medical professional; do not treat yourself with herbs or spices without professional supervision.

The spices and herbs used in our products are beneficial for everyone. However, a pregnant or lactating woman should seek professional guidance before using an excess of any spice or herb.

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